About Us

The Center for Information Resource Management (CIRM) was established in 1998 with the help of the MHO-INFOCUS project of the Netherlands Government. In 2006, CIRM has been established as an Independent Centre with full fledged Office. The main objective of CIRM is to act as the nodal centre for all the information technology resources of the University. It involves design, installation and maintenance of the IT infrastructure including the network, software resources and IT enabled services and facilities. CIRM also provide the staff training, user support and consulting services to user departments and external clients on demand.


CUSAT is one of the few institutions of higher learning India that possess a state of the art, reliable and scaleable  campus wide network which support the information needs of the user community.  All the departments in the main campus are interlinked with a fiber optic backbone. Also the Lakeside Campus 15 Km away and the pulincunnu campus 70 km away  from the main campus are connected to the main network using 10 Mbps leased line.  The campus network is seamlessly integrated to the internet through broad band connectivity available to the user community on 24x7 basis. The internet connectivity in the Main Campus has been upgraded to 50 Mbps during the year 2012-13.  With this new connectivity the users in the main campus and lake side campus can experience much higher band width. Apart from this the campus is connected to the National Knowledge Network (NKN) using one Gbps  backbone connecting major institutions in India.

The domain name is registered with the National Centre for Software Technology (NCST) India. The portal serves as the single window access point to all the information resources and IT enabled services of CUSAT which is managed by CIRM.