Welcome CIRM

The main objective of CIRM is to act as the nodal centre for all the information technology resources of the university. It involves design, installation and maintenance of the IT infrastructure including the network, software resources and IT enabled services and facilities. CIRM also provide the staff training, user support and specialized consulting services to user departments and external clients on demand.

The knowledge advantage

The CIRM staff are trained by the network specialists from the Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands, for maintaining the Mail server, Web server, DNS server, Proxy Servers and all other related servers for the internet in the main campus itself. CIRM uses robust technologies and softwares customized to work together to provide an uninterrupted and superlative service experience to the user community.
Continuously being on the bleeding edge of technology, CIRM has developed considerable expertise in many areas, technologies and platforms.  CIRM is able to integrate various hardware architectures and also ensure interoperability among various and even conflicting software platforms. Facing the enviable task of being the IT backbone of the premier Science and Technology University in the country, is no easy job, but the enterprising staff of CIRM has proved their mettle.